Thank You to Ina!

The whole experience of the Penafrancia Festival was so surreal I cannot put it into words. Big thanks to our field school; we were able to go back for our research presentation just in time for the fiesta.

I’ve heard many, many miraculous stories associated with Ina. Though I believe in miracles, I am taken aback somewhat by too-good-to-be-true stories that have been handed down through time and space. We all know how stories get twisted with time. But as a personal experience, I want to believe– and I know in my heart– that I have been blest by Ina during my stay there.

I’ve been struggling with hypothyroidism since June of this year. It has been a very frustrating ride that has turned everything upside down: I’ve gained 10 lbs. in less than a week, I was lethargic, nauseous, fatigued… It was the complete antithesis of what I’ve always enjoyed in life. Twice-a-month blood exams were something I always looked forward to, but have always disappointed me. I wasn’t getting any better. I couldn’t lose the weight, and I couldn’t train as much.

In Naga, I felt fine running and biking. I didn’t have cramps, and most importantly, I sweated. Hypothyroid people do not sweat a lot; but I did, and it was the first time I did since June. That rung a bell and completed my day.

Coming back from Naga, I immediately stepped on the scale as a standard monitoring scheme recommended by my doctor. It was one of the best ways to assess my condition. I couldn’t believe it. I went down and stepped on again, and it really rings true: I went down seven pounds!

I made a quick mental note on what I did while I was away: I ate a lot, exercised a little, slept right, followed my gluten-free scheme. All of these were not new, but they worked now. All the hard work paid off… All these schemes finally worked!

It was such a blessing to come to Naga, experience the Penafrancia Festival, be with my field school batchmates, and, to top it off, get better while we were having our pilgrimage there. It was such a bonus; thank you to Ina!


Tomorrow I will again have my blood exam. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m praying really hard. I really want to get my life back.

There had been so much information on how to deal with hypothyroidism, from the medical to the natural, from books to forums to leaflets to sites. I do not want to fall off now that I’m nearing the Finish Line of this battle, so I’m putting here my 101’s to keep me posted, and, hopefully, to give some pointers to hypothyroid patients who happen to stumble here.

Thyroid Protection 101

  1. Eat gluten-free. Stay away from wheat, yeast, soy, dairy, eggs and corn as these foods suppress the thyroid hormones.
  2. Sleep 7-8 hours a day, and sleep early.
  3. Exercise daily. Moderate please.
  4. If out of the normal eating schedule, control hunger pangs by drinking water first. If hunger does not subside after 20 minutes, be sure to take sweet+protein as hypothyroidism almost always occurs with hypoglycemia.
  5. Food is very critical. Any side effect of an “off” food readily translates into symptoms. Be patient and wary. Life is too short to eat crap (Olivier).

To sum it up, always remember to strive to have a PERFect Day: Pray, Exercise, Rest Well, Eat Fresh. It’s all hard work and sacrifice, but it’s definitely worth it.


I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can’t sleep. Maybe I’m too excited for my blood exam… I’m really hoping and praying everything will be well.

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