Bhagavan Das: Be Here Now

Sometimes it takes just one person to make you realize how short life is, and how important it is to make the most out of it. I’ve met so many people who have inspired me to do something beyond what I am comfortable with, like my parents who encouraged me to stay in Manila for university, the 10-year old kid who walks 6 miles every day amidst the muddy pathways just to go to school, and my friend who balances her studies with her passion for missionary work. They are among the countless people who made me appreciate more my existence in this world.
But this person, whom I’ve met by chance, is an exception. He helped me accept the things I cannot change, and made me realize all the endless possibilities in the world which are all hanging up there, just waiting to be picked up by somebody who grabs the courage to do it. He has inspired me to think beyond what I am capable of.
The thing is, he hasn’t even done anything. He didn’t go to great lengths on giving me lectures, sorting out advices, or talking as much about his life to make me feel so little compared to his exciting and adventurous life. We were just casuals, nothing more than saying “hi” along the corridors (on very busy days, it’s as if neither of us exists).
But what was in that very brief time that turned my life upside down? What was in there, or rather, was in him, that made me, truly and deeply, realize the essence of my life?
Angel on earth?
As I look back, it is as if I met him at the right time, and at the right place. I was then at the crossroads of my life, pushing myself to achieve this and that even if I am not physically and emotionally prepared for these goals. I constantly lived with “What Ifs,” trying to make sense, not of what I could do with what I have now; but, with what I could have done if not for the string of dire events for the past months.
I am not even sure if our paths will ever cross again, but the comfort and joy of having met him will forever rest in me. And, if all circumstances will lead us to seeing each other again, I will take that brief opportunity to thank him for so many things he has done for me.
I highly doubt if he will ever understand why I’m thanking him and what he did for me in the first place.

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