Dreaming and Living

Chasing dreams is but normal for humans. It is natural for us to aim for something higher, bigger and otherwise unachievable at the moment of thought. Chasing one’s dreams is not all cotton puffs and rainbows though. Expect challenges and be ready for them. But when we have achieved this dream, are we truly satisfied? Once, we all have dreamed of finishing college; but did it stop there? Haven’t we dreamt also of finding a good job? Then aimed for a better one again?
Chasing dreams goes side-by-side with human development; but the question is, when does the chasing stop? When does dreaming truly give way to living? Is it possible to live without dreaming?

As Rabindranath Tagore says:


“I have on my table a violin string. 
It is free to move in any direction I like. 
If I twist one end, it responds; it is free.
But it is not free to sing. 
So I take it and fix it into my violin. 
I bind it and when it is bound, 
it is free for the first time to sing.” Image Credit: Amazing Bharat.

Many times, we need to be twisted and bound to truly realize who we really are, and what our place is in this world. In this lifetime. If we do not give ourselves the chance to be moulded in many different ways, how can we be strong enough to face what lies ahead?
We always hear that life is too short and that we should always seize the moment. But life is not all about achieving, of being the best, of toppling down others and being the most popular and bowed down upon. Life, after all, is about finding contentment and fulfilment… of finding peace and true happiness. Achievements give us merits on Earth, at this lifetime; but, never shape us as who we truly are. In another life, in another place and time, all these merits will all but be forgotten; and all that will be left are the memories; our shoulders offered to a friend in times of need; our time and energy for someone who needs them the most; our time and genuine concern to listen…
Which brings us to the next question,
How do you want to be remembered in this lifetime?

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