Illustration: The Dull Brown Door

It was November. I barely knew anyone in the brightly-lit, high-ceilinged, spacious room, so I tried to hide myself in my blue-carpeted cubicle, seemingly indifferent to all the noise around me. I engrossed myself with reading as much as I could for my first assignment, all the while drowning myself with a random playlist which I tried to spice up with every song’s music video. Now how I was able to work with music and some interesting videos, I do not know.

I kept glancing on the leftmost brown door, newly-painted, shiny, with a big window on its upper quarter. It bore the initials of someone I am so eager to meet—W.T.

My boring brightly-colored cubicle, and the dull brown door that’s been keeping up with my carefree spirits. Image Credit: Dreamstime.

Yet, like me, he is new. I saw him a couple of times, always, only for split seconds, since I do not want people to assume I’ve been interested with him too much for this short time.

Heck, it’s my first week.

So I searched, typing in “Most Popular J.K. Songs” just because I never gave even a little thought on how his world’s pop culture goes. All I know is that, whatever part of the world he belongs to, She has driven to suffering our people across generations, which gives justice as to why I never wanted to know anything about his world.

Impulsively, though, I played the first song on the Search. I was feeling like it would be yet another pop song, which, to tell you honestly, I cannot truly appreciate. But I was struck. I sat there, motionless, staring on my monitor. I didn’t realize I was knocking my head from left to right, nodding at beat with the melody. I was so surprised with myself for being glued to a full song with only happy feelings in my head.

Then as I lifted my head, I saw him, for a split second yet again, curl up his lips, smiling at how I seem to truly enjoy the vibe of my music.

Embarrassed, I stared at my keyboard, wondering what that means. Those cheery eyes and the uninhibited smile—was I too naïve to feel myself like a rock star, banging my head during working hour? Or, is the song but an extension of happy and peaceful feelings, not in my head but from somewhere else?

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