An Ode to 23

Though we are far apart
I know time will tell it’s not enough
That life is more than a tick, a wink, a space
That no one can help be amazed
That is, if we open our eyes
To the world, in all its splendor and glory
The light can turn to gray
If the eyes choose to believe this way
Yesterday seems so near
The future, so far
And the now? No, nothing
I’ve forgotten all about it now
But how is life without the now
When all it breathes and lives for
Is carried at this time, hour, day, somehow?
How do we find what we are looking for?
Life is full of color– of red, white, blue
Hymns that beam, hips that seem
So alive and true
Every word whispers
The chorus of “I love you”
If I choose to savor
The colors in and out of my favor
I would choose to see a life
Full of ups, downs, and of the greatest wonder
Why? Because I choose to see the light
Shining, hovering, over the sadness of yesteryears
I choose to leave the night
And make sense of my past lived in fear
This is my life
I take ownership of it
Although the Powers Above direct me
It is my actions that they see
And I want to know in me
That life is truly beautiful
And I want to know in you
That you add more color to the already beautiful
Life– a world made of fools
Like you and me

One thought on “An Ode to 23

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