The Perks of Traveling as a Couple

While traveling alone has a beauty of its own, traveling with a significant other has its share of perks as sampled below:


Long drives move from boring to fun!


Grocery shopping can turn into discoveries of each other’s likes and dislikes (and patience)

Fries We Love

Creativity in different flavors


Getting to share and tolerate annoying poses


Creative shots that make your heart melt ❤

While I thoroughly enjoy traveling alone, at this stage it gives more meaning to me to be able to share the joys of experiences with the people I love and care about the most. It is not about dependency or insecurities; it is about furthering the love and beauty of life, knowing that we only live once and we never know what tomorrow may bring.

We may move at a much slower pace bringing grandma to travels; going shoe shopping with mom even if we abhor it; or avoiding spots that our partner feels uncomfortable with– but, who cares? Why go in a rush?


And have I told you lately I love the number 23? 🙂

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