Oh, It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today she wore a pink dress.
He imagined himself to be in that blue dress.
But, wait, it is 2016 and people think it’s weird for guys to be on a dress.
So, he came up with a white, crisp shirt and some baggy pants.

She put a tie on her hair.
She wore pink lipstick.
She gulped loads of coffee.
Shoved her way into the crowd.

They met 10 minutes after for they lived apart.
Time was ticking but there is no deadline to meet.
Humidity was bearable.
They were early, again.

The sun was high up. Skies were clear.
The roads were beaming with sounds unclear.
The windows need cleaning. They forgot.
And yes, it was a perfect day.

And all the hustle and bustle?
It’s like any other day.
After all,
Valentine’s Day should be our Every Day.


My favorite articles on the Valentine’s Day tradition:

10 Valentine’s Day Traditions All Around the World on Huffington Post

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Valentine’s Day by the Numbers on Tree Hugger (for an economic viewpoint)

Valentine’s Day Isn’t About Love– It’s About Obligation on The Atlantic (for a sociological viewpoint)

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love without having to break your bank. Happy lovin’! 🙂


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