Defining My Happiness

This post was written by my other half, R, as a response to my previous post entitled “Define Happiness“. I wish to make a follow-up on R’s post some time soon. The original post can be seen on his blog 🙂


It has been said: no one in the whole world can ever dictate what will and can make, and makes us happy. The secret to happiness does not exist—it lies within. Eloquently said and even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to phrase it better because it’s perfect. Short, concise, powerfully motivating and I for one am definitely a believer of such a phenomenon.

When he sees her, he sometimes trembles for he does not want to disappoint her, anger her and more importantly be the catalyst for a stressful day. It’s only just hit midday and on most days as his day ends, hers hasn’t slowed down from the time they both started.

What’s a boy got to do?

“How can I help?”

“Everything ok?”

“Have you eaten?”

“Can I give you a quick hug and a kiss?”

She works hard long hours, far harder and longer than he does. Thus he can’t be mindless, not wanting to disrupt her perfect flow and finesse, like the flames of a perfect solar flare. She makes it look like art and though challenging, it’s never too hectic or boring as he knows she enjoys every bit of it and nothing brings more light into his dark world than freely witnessing this passion that most can only imagine.

He doesn’t know how to express it, through words, language or even actions. Yet all he wants to say is: You make my day, every day because you are you and I am me. It’s beautiful chemistry, sometimes mysterious or makes no sense yet incomplete without the other. Hand in hand, side by side, sometimes ahead yet not far behind.

It’s dinner time.

“Let’s pray!”

She listens to her body and so does he—exact opposites they are, yet satisfied no less than the other. The dry sweet textures melt in her mouth as he stuffs his face. It’s that time and moment when nothing else matters except the bond between them: truth, honesty, devotion and love are the foundations that no amount of hindrance could ever tear down.

No matter how the days, weeks and months race by, there is certain harmony in this chaotic world that’s forbearing and compassionate, no matter how zombie-like it feels. When they have their will, there will always be their way. Nothing makes him happier knowing she’s content with her happiness completing the whole picture.


How I choose to spend my every day. Happiness ^^ ~ Reilentless

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