Community Development Volunteering Opportunities

The World Friends Foundation, a Philippine-based non-stock, non-profit organization, has just launched volunteering opportunities for Philippine and non-Philippine citizens for this 2016.

Our aim: To teach life and career skills to aid Filipinos in realizing their ultimate dreams. This we envision by helping instill dignity and integrity, knowing that Filipinos can dream big and will definitely get there.

How you can join us: Volunteer | Donate in Kind (in-field and online opportunities). Please fill up this FORM to request for a program brochure– know of what we do and the work you can do!

What you can expect: full experience and appropriate, skill-specific training as should be expected for volunteers | all work details and expectations will be on print and will be discussed on the pre-deployment interview.

Our partner site for 2016: Barangay Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet, Philippines

On-going project: Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP) technical editing and follow-up field work research. The ADSDPP is a pre-requisite to the issuance of the community’s Certificate of Ancestral Domain. This certificate protects ancestral lands from land grabbers and mining corporations. Check here for the ADSDPP overview for your reference.

Hope to see you in one of our programs! 🙂

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