Why Fax is Not Dead!

Recently, a colleague from Hungary asked me to fax in an important document for her. I was surprised for sure– hello, fax?— and readily asked if I could email it instead. She said in Hungary, fax is more recognized and preferred over an email because it’s sent in real time, and without all the hustle and bustle of clicking, downloading, and printing.

I can’t even remember how to use fax anymore so instead of trying to figure out how my now-defunct machine works, I tried looking online for options. I didn’t even bother sending the documents at a business center because back in late 2014, I was charged PHP 2,800 (61 USD) to send 2 pages at a UK number! Never again.


The new face of fax “machines”. Image Credit: pcmag.com

Having tried different options online basing from this Life Hacker post, what worked best for me was Fax Zero for two reasons:

  • Absolutely free: Free to send for a maximum of 3 pages to 5 unique numbers in the US and Canada (per day).
  • Almost free: Only 1.99 USD for a maximum of 25 pages per fax. You can send anywhere in the world and there is no limit to the number of faxes you can send in a day.

I was delighted to know my colleague in Hungary received my fax message in less than five minutes since I sent it.

I’m now a big fan of online fax “machines”! Thank you to Tim Berners-Lee and to all who’ve put in the work to make this possible. Now I don’t have to bludgeon myself at the thought of paying 61 USD for 2 pages’ worth of a fax message!

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