How Generation Y Works

How do these “work” environments work for you?

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There is no doubt that work ethics across generations are changing, and it would be interesting to understand the differences so we don’t end up misappropriating a person just because of his/her lifestyle and choices. To understand why this generation works the way it does is important for parents, current and potential employers who obviously come from a different generation.

We, as human beings, would want to promote peace and harmony first and foremost!

For an insight on how Generation Y works, please check out this article by Michael Franco from How Stuff Works. Tactful, insightful and perfectly written! 🙂


If you want a more in-depth discussion on this, you can check out Reviving Ophelia, one of my favorite non-fiction books to date. It threw in points that made me realize what I feel I’m doing wrong is not wrong at all when taken into context. The book was revolutionary for me, having read it as an adolescent girl. This book focuses on girls, though, but still a good insight for everyone!

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