Why Should You Give Fasting a Try?

Back in 2012 I experienced terribly heavy bloating that I ended up gaining 10 pounds in just one week. Ironically, my appetite significantly decreased during this time and I wouldn’t eat anything beyond coffee and some biscuits for the entire day.

Turns out, I acquired hypothyroidism not only because of my genetic vulnerability (my grandmother from my father’s side had hyperthyroidism but has been cured through naturopathy; and my grandmother from my mother’s side still struggles with hypothyroidism up to this day), but also because of my lifestyle where I overexercise, undersleep, undereat on the “good” stuff, and overeat on the “bad” stuff.

I wasn’t happy with how endocrinologists treated my hypothyroidism with Levothyroxine, the universal synthetic hormone used for those with underactive thyroid. My symptoms kept on getting worse and it was not only the weight gain that got into me, it was more the feeling of lethargy and lack of enthusiasm that made my every day such a drag.

I came to know Dr. Flannery through a web search and it was the first time I’ve ever asked for a consultation without personal referral. It felt right though so I went for it, and up to this day I still can’t thank him enough for giving me the best long-lasting treatment I could ever hope to have. The biggest thanks though go to my parents who financially supported me for this treatment! I could never have afforded this back in 2012, a new graduate who tried to make ends meet on an entry-level research job 😛

So back to treatment: it was a combination of diet changes and supplements, relaxation techniques and light exercises. I had to literally overhaul my eating habits but it was all worth it. It took me two years to be 100% free from hypothyroidism and though naturopathy takes more time to get the “numbers right” compared to quick-fix synthetic hormones, the effects are long-lasting and four years on I’m still enjoying the benefits of the treatment.

Dr. Flannery recommends that I do a 15-day fast every 3-6 months, depending on my needs (i.e., Am I feeling under the weather often? Do I feel okay even with a normal diet?). His fasting program recommendation is not just for underactive thyroid patients, but also for everyone who would want to regularly reinvigorate their system from all the negative forces of food and the environment. As with any dietary program, please consult your doctor before taking the plunge. If you want to be sure, you can also contact Dr. Flannery so he can give you an assessment. You will have to answer a questionnaire (free of charge) then schedule an appointment with him.

I would like to share here the list of Foods To Eat and Avoid that I strictly follow for 15 days in 6-month increments. If you look into the list, it’s but wise to make it an everyday habit—but I’m just too in love with coffee and chocolates that I struggle to follow it for 365 days! But this definitely is a good start 🙂

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 Hope this list helps you on your road to your best health ever! 🙂

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