Why Japan Is Not as Safe as We Think It Is

For modern travellers, Japan has always enjoyed a reputation as being the safest country in Asia. On this list, Czech Republic ranks higher than Japan, which goes to say that this “safety index” is but relative (Don’t want to put into detail and put Czech Republic in a bad light, but you can just ask me privately).

If there’s one country I’ve never felt so safe in, this would be Japan. In my mind, there is this sort of assurance that should I get lost, lose my phone, or drop my bag, I will not have to worry with people being so nice, friendly, respectful and helpful.

But Japan, as we know from history, suffered a long, dark, arduous past. From feudalism, the country went on to wage numerous wars against their neighbors, then to joining World War 1 and 2. The pre-WW2 Japan is anything like the Japan we know of today.

In this video courtesy of Journeyman Pictures, we’ll be travelling through the world of the Yakuza (ヤクザ), a 400-year old ancient society that has evolved from being the citizenry’s protector, to now being protector of the few.

Watch the video here:


Is Japan As Safe As We Think? Watch on Journeyman Pictures.

Though it was disturbing to watch, the short film is far from being demystified. I hope, though, it does not stop you from wanting to visit Japan 🙂


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