The Best for Your Buck Website Package

I’ve received some questions on the best website hosting package for those on the budget. This is particularly important for new bloggers and entrepreneurs who are keen to showcase their services and products, but are limited by budgetary constraints.

I’ve tried several hosting sites (I dare not name them here, but shoot me a message and I’ll share them with you) but one hosting site that I really liked is… well, I just named it. 

Here is a sample of the site’s packages:


Image Credit:

And the ultimate reason why I went with

Aside from the packages’ affordability and the easy-to-reach support team, you get an unlimited (!!!) number of professional emails for every domain and hosting purchase. This means, you can steer away from @gmail or @yahoo email accounts– and a separate email for you and each of your staff.

Sign up now and use this link to get an additional 5 USD discount. I got this discount when I signed up with them, and now I’m able to pass on that discount to an unlimited number of users as long as stays in business which is like, as long as the Danish economy stays put and we are far from an economic, industrial, ecological and climatic meltdown 😛

The site will not disappoint! Sign up now 🙂

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