Out for One Year!

I kept this blog on private since April 2018 since I knew I wouldn’t have the chance to update it as often as I want to, given that 2018 presented itself a whole new set of challenges for the almost-30 me. Also, the past few months gave me time to reflect as to why I should keep this blog since there are times where I question its existence and why I would want to devote time and energy into publishing publicly.

Years 2017-2018 are crucial points for me and R, given that it was during these years that we started to get serious with where we want to be in our relationship. We didn’t get to travel much and go out as much because we needed to save for our condo repayments, furniture, appliances, and future children (already one on the way now!!!). These years proved to be a transition period for us to go from boyfriend-girlfriend to building a family together. Work is part of the reason why I put this blog on hold for 2018; at the same time, I wanted to focus my energy on things that needed more of my attention during this time.

RR Condo-min

A milestone for 2018: completing all furnishings of our first home for Baby R.

But after almost one year, I missed Anthroonfoot. I realized that apart from work, what also made things less exciting about this site was the fact that after seven years of blogging, I started to want to monetize from it. Instead of just focusing on journaling, I started to consider other factors like using SEO-friendly keywords and format, and networking so people would start to take notice of my blog. If I wanted my blog to become more popular, I was told that I should focus on writing based on what the audience would want to read; not on what I want to convey. It makes sense, given that “hot” topics are that– hot– until the steam goes off, so it is crucial to keep a topic calendar where I will write based on topics that are hot while they are hot. I was told that I should start steering away from my long narratives with details that will bore any reader. That I should start making lists and keeping my sentences short so people will keep on coming back.

But is that what I really want to happen with my blog?

I already know the answer to that question as I was writing the question. When I started blogging when I was in university, I kept my online journal on Multiply. That was 2011, and I only published four entries for that year. But looking back, do I feel bad about it? An absolute no, because I knew that those four times meant a lot to me, and I knew that there was nothing else that I wanted to share comfortably publicly.

Although I don’t get to monetize from this blog where I can definitely say I can leave my day job behind to keep this going, I get perks from it, too, which I took for granted when I chose to keep it private last year. I get discounts on hotel stays, I became a property scout on Booking.com, and I became a travel ambassador for Visit.org! More than any of these perks, I get to share my love for travel and living (big word) through this blog! Looking back at it now, I’ve appreciated all the more the value of this blog, how great of an outlet it is for an introvert like me to share bits and pieces of my life. Sharing helps in honing my skills in putting into words what I want to convey, for many times I am at a loss at what I want to say since I rarely ever speak up unless there’s a real need to.

I’m glad to be back, and now with a little one in tow. It’s amazing to think that I started blogging when I was still in university, and now, I’m still doing it with a little me to join the journey. Life is indeed full of surprises, and I’m always thankful for all the experiences this life has to offer. To me, every surprise is always for the best, after all.

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