This page lists down brands I trust. I only feature brands that I use and swear by. Those marked with asterisks are affiliate links that help this site going.

… Of course, we start with shameless plugs 😛

Maharlika Hostel: a co-founded company that offers affordable accommodations in San Fernando, Pampanga. Book now and quote “Anthroonfoot” to receive a 5% discount for stays of at least 3D/2N.

RSA Business Solutions: a co-founded company that focuses on business-to-business partnerships.

Primero Fuerza Trading Co.: my brother’s tire distribution business. Send your orders at [] and quote “Anthroonfoot” to receive a 5% discount!

Skintastic Facial and Skincare Clinic: my mother’s dermatological clinic that operates in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. She personally does all advanced treatments. As a dermatologist, she advocates for enhancing one’s natural beauty and so does not do plastic surgeries. Visit now and quote “Anthroonfoot” to receive a 5% discount!

… And here are brands that I am proud to be a client and supporter of:

Airbnb*: home away from home accommodations.

For long stays and large groups, I use Airbnb. For one, having access to a kitchen for when I travel is important to me since I do not like eating out a lot. Secondly, hiring an apartment is way more cost effective for long stays and large groups. Through the given name link, you get a $12 discount on your booking, and you receive $60 for the first successful booking if you decide to post a listing.

Art on Cue: professional photography services.

What I love about this company is it always exceeds my expectations. You can hire the team even for destination photo shoots, from big weddings to local couple travels. The professionalism and personal service of its team are just amazing!

AsiaTravel*: online travel agency for hotel + tour packages.

I use AsiaTravel for when I have to book for hotel + tour packages around Asia. Aside from its affordable packages, you can even book for slot-limited promos that are offered throughout the year. To get your 3- 5% discount (depending on the package), send me a link to the package that you want, and I’ll complete the booking for you.*: hotels.

I have always been a big fan of because I see it as one of the most transparent portals when it comes to giving you an overview of hotels, hostels, and guesthouses around your area of interest. If you want to gain access to exclusive “Genius” discounts (i.e., up to 60% discount on all bookings, and priority reservation for in-demand hotels), send me a link of the accommodation that you want and I’ll complete the booking for you.

Global Jewelers: customized jewelry.

Owned and managed by a lawyer, this company has been operating for the last ten years and offers personalized jewelry for all budgets. Global Jewelers allows you to build pieces that you want, offers a lifetime warranty on all its products, and offers flexible payment options. This company has the traveler in mind, as well, as it makes cheaper replicas of your jewelry that you can wear for travels.

Hubstaff*: time tracker software.

When your staff work remotely, you need to make sure they are working properly and are using their time efficiently. Hubstaff takes random screenshots so you can be sure you are not paying your staff to chat with friends and watch YouTube videos. It is but fair both ways, right?

Innovative Language*: learning languages.

Before traveling, I make sure I study the language of the host country even if it’s just for getting around purposes (i.e., to greet, how to order, how to bargain, how to ask questions, and how to construct simple sentences). This site offers highly effective courses that can help you speak the target language in as little as one week.*: website hosting.

When I started blogging back in 2011, I did not even think of getting my own domain. I was okay with .blogspot on my blog. However, when I switched to WordPress, I’ve realized there is a lot that I can do with the layouts of my blog, and that got me hooked. I decided to get my own domain but wanted to get the best value for my money. Through R’s recommendation, I found out about which does not only offer free hosting for your first year but also unlimited personalized emails for your domain. I guess there’s no other hosting service just yet that can be that generous.*: listing for online jobs

This is the best website that offers updated full-time, part-time, and contractual online job ads. I love the seamlessness of the site, and its customer service is very helpful both for employers and employees. The only drawback is all jobs posted here are only for Filipino citizens. That might change, eventually, given the increasing demand for home-based workers.

Rarejob*: online English teaching.

I’ve talked about Rarejob before in this article as to how I sustainably fund my travels. Rarejob is an online teaching opportunity that allows you to teach English to Japanese students wherever you are in the world. Okay, it does not pay much, but it can still help you save up and fund your travel. What’s great is you get to set your own schedule, perfect for when you have to travel during the day.

Skyscanner: flights.

If I’m not booking directly on the airline’s website, Skyscanner is always my go-to for last-minute and planned-out flights. My favorite feature is the Cheapest Month option whereby you can plan your trip based on the cheapest flights available for your choice of destination. How amazing is that!

World Nomads*: travel insurance.

I’m thrilled with the generous coverage of World Nomads. There’s a good reason why it’s the official insurance partner of Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Rough Guides.

Oh, why oh why have I discovered this too late? I’ve been using a different travel insurance for the past years but have decided to switch when a friend had a difficult time with *this* insurance company (contact me if you want to know more about the story) when her wallet was snatched in France. The claims process was long and arduous, and after all the waiting and all the police reports sent, she got nothing in return.

Zalora*: online shopping.

I love the range at Zalora and have always been satisfied with their products and delivery services. I also like how the company features a wide range of sellers, from big brands to startups. Use this code: ZBAPV51K to get 15% off on your every purchase.

… Hopefully, these recommendations can help you as you plan for your travels… and life! 🙂