The True Cost of What We Wear

Have you ever thought for one second how your clothes and shoes are exactly made? Who made them? Where exactly in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, or Vietnam are they made? How are the working conditions for the faces behind the dresses?

In 2013 in Bangladesh, more than 1,100 factory workers were killed after the collapse of a clothing factory despite workers’ persistent complaints with the growing cracks in the building. This, unfortunately, was not the first of its kind.

This led Director Andrew Morgan to explore the multi-trillion dollar fashion industry–bringing us back to the sweatshops in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China and India where workers and their families are forced in hazardous environments just to bring in the glory of that 5 dollar shirt sealed with the world’s favorite brands. While companies enjoy the luxuries and comforts of their sales, their workers– the heart and soul of every piece delivered– have to fight for their lives to demand for some cents’ increase in their 10 USD a month pay.

I hope you take the time this weekend to check on this heartwarming, heartbreaking, goosebumps-filled documentary, True Cost.

true cost

The faceless fashion industry

To know the plight of our brothers and sisters working so hard to give us the clothes that we can only dream of is the least we can do for them. I hope you really give this documentary a chance 🙂

Note: You can watch it on Netflix (if you haven’t got an account just yet, Netflix offers a 30-day free trial).