After a Year: The Cycle of Life

The only reason why I checked my dusty blog today is because I wanted to write for someone dear to me who came into my life four months ago. And WOW, much to my surprise, it’s been the exact day last year since my last post! 
It’s interesting to know how much one year can do: how meeting the king of jerks and a**holes can turn into meeting the sweetest and most open-minded person I’ve ever known; how ultimatums can turn into your last laugh; and how your worst year can turn into your best thus far. 
But the road that led me to where I stand now is so worthwhile that I can’t help but thank the Past for leading me to the Present. Life, as in any other element in what we see, feel, hear, is both a microcosm and a macrocosm of something else. Everything is so interconnected that if we look at life this way, we could say that there are no absolutes and it’s as if life is anything but wrapped up in emotions and thus just a big web of permeable consciousness, living and existing for, within and among each other. If we look back and take all our joys and pains, it’s as if they are in existence for each other, with each running on a continuum of Having and Nothing before getting to the other side of its own world, which in turn is a bigger part of the world where it belongs to, until the cycle never ends. 
I’m saying this because if there is one thing I have realized during this part of my journey, it would have to be:


— That we occupy this little space in the Universe and so if we go on believing that the world revolves around us, we are bound to frustrate ourselves in the end with always wanting to achieve, collect, flaunt and compare. The world is such a big place and yup, no matter how much money you make, the Sky has the most elegant and brightest diamonds of all.
And this led me to my first post after a year. Surprised at the timing but knowing it came with a purpose. Thankful because after thousands of detours I was led this way, and one in which I was led into this person I was talking about. I may not know what to say after a year, but at this point, all I know is I’more than content and ever more trusting to the hand of Time.