Why I Love My No-Frills Breakfast

The hours have all been able to tell me that life has become too complicated than what it is supposed to be. I wake up early, go home late, work long hours, and travel for some weeks a year if I’m lucky. In the back of my head I was told that to make it work in life I have to be this certain increasingly “serious” person with my own car and house. I’ve always said “no” to all that– that’s why in this sunny, conservative Philippines, people find me too up in the clouds running away from life. I’m happy, though.

The cereal + nuts + chocolate + dried fruit + milk + coffee breakfast is my own take of a life I enjoy. I enjoy the myriad of tastes and textures in my tongue, and the grounding it gives me in this fast, changing world. I adjust to whatever’s available wherever I am in the world, and the seemingly endless options for this breakfast never cease to amaze me. It takes me at most five minutes to prepare this meal, but the peace and balance it gives me is worth more than any other meal I’ve had in my life.

Waking up to this reminds myself that life shouldn’t be complicated at all, and to live a life that I want I have to be content and flexible. While others put in the hours to prepare the “best” breakfast, I enjoy my mornings knowing I always have something to go back to without worries, judgments and inhibitions. And yes, it doesn’t have to take a five-course meal to do just that.


  • Cereals (any brand you like)
  • Milk (any brand and type you like). For this one I choose cow’s milk.
  • Chocolates (any brand and type you like)
  • Dried raisins (or any fruit)
  • Coffee
  • Creamer (optional)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Hot water


  • Prepare your ingredients: cereals, milk, chocolates, dried fruit, coffee, creamer, sugar and hot water.
  • Put cereals, milk, chocolates and dried fruit in a bowl.
  • Mix coffee, creamer, sugar with hot water in a cup.
  • Enjoy your breakfast!
KISS: Keep It Short and Simple