The Depth of Nature

Nature is really a powerful thing.

Today, I planned to do a night swim with my Dad. I was so ready that I already wore my swimsuit under my school clothes. I already packed my towel, goggles, fins, until…

It rained like crazy.

I felt really bad I couldn’t face the fact that I have to go home instead and do my homework. Oh well I planned to do that freaking homework tomorrow, but I am not mentally ready to do it today.

So I went home, downtrodden and hungry. Then it occurred to me: I am tired. Probably all the increased heart rates, hot flashes and decreased appetite are not signs of hormonal change after all—it all boils down to tiredness, mentally and physically. Being young and free of the kind of worries adults have, I may have over-pushed myself to do things I know I can do, but my body cannot handle anymore. It is like I have closed my doors to my body signals, never wanting fatigue to take over my day.

If not for the rain this afternoon, I would have pushed myself yet again and went on swimming. I would have felt down and out after today, left with no energy for the things I have to do for the weekend: my grandfather’s anniversary, my cousin’s birthday, a meeting with a long lost best friend, a research paper I have to finish, hiking with my family.

In this day and age, nature seems so distant that we barely walk on the soil, do not even know what the phase of the moon is (and what it signifies), we cannot even tell the time without relying on our clocks, and do not give time to try planting and harvesting our own food. It seems that Nature that is so distant to me knows more than I do.

I am happy for despite being at home all day, doing nothing but reading while watching news while snacking for the nth time, I am at home with my family, getting the chance to catch up a week’s worth of adventures. I am also able to stack up on homemade foods I’ve missed, and to jam with my brothers on our guitars and beat boxes. I feel I am so lucky to be staying at home instead of being in the pool, doing laps with people I do not know. Well my Dad, my would-be swimming partner, feels the same way, too— “It’s a good thing it rained.”

Nature has been here for so long that it has endured so many glacial and interglacial periods, and has been a witness to tremendous changes in our evolutionary history. It knows more than we do, having been put into shape for thousands and thousands of years. We may not take notice, but being stripped of everything else, we will be left with nothing but the soil, the sky, and the sun. So we better be at peace with these elements for in the end, we have no other choice but to take pace with their strides.