Market Find 2: Churros

A main fare in Spain and in its former and current colonies, churros, also called tejeringos, calientes, calentitos de rueda, or calentitos de papas, has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its addicting texture and taste.

It is not uncommon to see churros in markets in Spain, Latin America, and in the Philippines. However, remember that churros has been indigenized depending on where it’s made. For example, in the Philippines, churros has inspired the creation of deep fried “donat” (a borrowing from the term “doughnut”).

Try churros plain, with dulce de leche, chocolate, or cinnamon as popularized by Disney Theme Parks.


Churros with dulce de leche filling (Seville, Spain).

Get lost and find yourself. Happy travels! 🙂

P.S. The keys to sustainable travels are universal: take public transportation | stay in accommodations where cooking is allowed (private or shared, it doesn’t matter) | walk as much as you can | wake up early | stay away from guidebooks | immerse yourself in local language, culture and history | visit local cafés | know that the possibilities are endless | listen to your gut ❤