Modern Day Meals

For starters I know my posts have all become too heavy since I started this blog and so would like to add in a bit of spice. After a long day of work and coming home at two in the morning, it feels nice to just sit on my bed and to enjoy the presence of a full tummy and a full heart.

These days it’s more common than sunrise to ask family, friends, and sometimes acquaintances of their eating habits (i.e. favorite foods, timing of eating). I am never sure of how to answer this sort of questions as first off, life is too short to align ourselves with the same types of food over and over again. But sometimes it makes me wonder, what really are my eating habits? It’s a bit of a struggle for me to keep tabs so I’ve taken photos instead:

Note: I know some find it disgusting to see greasy, licked on plates and so if you fill in this group, please skip all photos altogether 😛


Anything paired with coffee is fine with me. Coffee is an absolute must-have!

It’s usually a choice between cereal

or any Filipino breakfast.
When you say “Filipino breakfast,” it can only mean two things: fried AND salty.
It can never be one or the other.


It’s kind of rare for me to eat a proper meal for lunch. Not because of time constraints, but because I just do not feel like it. It’s always as if my breakfast extends up until lunch time. But due to the alluring nature of noon siesta time, I need those up foods to keep my energy levelled up.

Ice cream: always a default for lunch!

Oh okay, I think I ate too much 😛

Milkshakes are also wonderful substitutes to the boring plates for lunch

Chocolates AND coffee

The worst feeling for lunch is to drink coffee alone. Man, drains your sugar levels!

This is what three hours of sleep does to you. Binge food shopping 🙂

Sometimes, instead of the sweets+coffee combination, I crave for chips+soda.

Again, it’s never satisfying when the other component is missing.

Although quite rare, I also crave for proper food for lunch.
The only photo I have. Says a lot.

It’s always a toss for dinner depending on my activity for the day. Sometimes I just want to hit the sack but I end up waking at 3AM because I’m just so hungry. Sometimes I feel like having dessert. Other times I gorge on food because I’m just so tired and haven’t had enough for breakfast and lunch.

My dinner for tonight.
A bucket of fries and coleslaw to hopefully even out the salt and oil 😛

When I slept through the whole flight and arrived home so hungry.
Rice+egg+beef steak+fries+cola

Same story as above

Same story as above. This time, almost 12 hours of sleep on the flight.
No wonder I finished everything.

When all I had for breakfast and lunch were chocolates and coffee, and I craved for super salty food for dinner. Hotdog squashed in KFC chicken. MSG galore.

Sometimes all I want for dinner is dairy

Strawberry milkshake and cheese popcorn. I feel like a kid again!

When I felt like celebrating 🙂

Gross 😛

Although it’s not the healthiest to eat for a 20-something, I’m glad that I can say I still listen to what my body tells me without apprehensions. Probably in time my palate will tell me to finally give way to the years but for now, I will continue to enjoy the perks of youthful cravings. It’s best to embrace our age and to not be encapsulated by it.

I think that’s the key to living well ^_^

Some more before we end and lay down to sleep 🙂