History: This blog started out in 2011 as a personal journal with occasional insights on my experiences. Posts were very far in between as I only wrote when I felt like it and when it “felt right.”

As of January 2016, I transferred my blog to this website which I’ve also designed with limited WordPress skills. I was confident in doing so because my goal has been and will always be to write. It never crossed my mind to monetize from this: no SEO hacks and no Google Adwords involved to trick readers.

About Anthroonfoot: Being an anthroonfoot isn’t connotative of leading a nomadic lifestyle in the travel or career sense. It is about “making sense of the why behind the what” to help us lead a life out of unfounded assumptions and judgments.

Anthroonfoot aims to remind everyone that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live to simply appreciate life. Thus, I only wish to share what I see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. The “why” is ultimately up to you!

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing every piece 🙂

Raizel ❤

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