History: This blog started out in 2011 as a personal journal (http://anthroonfoot.blogspot.com) with occasional insights on my experiences. Posts were very far in between as I only wrote when I felt like it and when it “felt right.”

As of January 2016 I transferred my blog to this website which I’ve also designed with limited WordPress skills. I was confident in doing so because my goal has been and will always be to write. It never crossed my mind to monetize from this: no SEO and no Google Adwords involved to trick readers.

About Anthroonfoot: Being an anthroonfoot isn’t connotative of leading a nomadic lifestyle in the travel or career sense. My writing is truly focused on being in the present by “making sense of the why behind the what.” In so doing we get to sumptuously enjoy what there is in the present to help us lead a life of freedom from worldly attachments such as material things, prestige, and social expectations. As much as this blog is about me, it is all about you, too.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing every piece 🙂

Raizel ❤