Why You Should Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016

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Turquoise rivers, medieval castles and tumbling waterfalls. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but the craggily beautiful lands of Bosnia and Herzegovina are real – and they’re one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Just two and half hours away by plane from London, well-seasoned travellers that have tired of neighbouring Croatia are now finally rediscovering the beauty that has always lay hidden within this exciting and mountainous country, 20 years after civil unrest tore it apart.

Few places can boast being the cross-cultural centre of Eastern Europe – the place where East meets West – but this heart-shaped country can. You’ll find a mix of influences at its most spectacular, born from its blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories.

Strolling the streets of Mostar feels almost like stepping back in time, with gushing streamlets, cobbled lanes and unspoiled nature surrounding its reincarnated medieval towers and enchanting stone buildings.

But there’s more to this former Yugoslav Republic than its fascinating, and often turbulent, history.


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