Travellers from Developing Countries Should Not Be Caged By Visa Restrictions

I’ve just made a petition via Change.org on one of my biggest travel frustrations: visas.

Please find below the petition for your review. If you’re with me, please sign the petition here. Don’t worry, you have the option of remaining anonymous as you do so.

“Travellers from Developing Countries Should Not Be Caged By Visa Restrictions”


Application requirements for a SINGLE tourist visa


Applying for Appeals: Schengen Visa

Even with a Schengen visa denied, you can always make an appeal and give it a second try!

By helping out a friend with her appeal at the French Embassy, I can only discuss here my experience with the French visa.


  • Original visa decision letter with your signature
  • Letter of appeal (translated in French) with your signature
  • All photocopied documents submitted during application

Send all documents no later than two (2) months since the release of the decision to this address:

Commission de recours contre les décisions de refus de visas et d’entrée en France
11 rue de la Maison-Blanche BP
Nantes Cedex


  • Only send documents you presented on your application. Do not add, edit or remove documents.
  • Translate the letter of appeal in French; otherwise, your appeal will not be accepted.
  • As much as possible, use express mail. The faster your documents get to the appeals board, the better.
  • You will have to wait for the embassy to contact you. You have no way of knowing of the results via telephone or email.


Some Common Questions:

Q: Is it better to make an appeal, or to make a new application?

A: It depends on your needs. If you can wait and want to clear off the “Denied” mark on your visa history, you can make an appeal. If you have to hurry and do not mind having the “Denied” mark on your visa history, you can always make a new application.

In terms of cost,

New application: visa fee (60 Euros) + transportation costs + printing costs
Appeal: printing costs + translation costs + courier fee

Q: Where can I have my documents translated?

A: If you have a French friend who can do it for you for free, lucky you! But if none, you can contact the following for professional translation services: SDL and Be Translated.

Q: We are a family and we all had our visa denied. Do we have to send our appeal separately?

A: No. You can send your appeal in one courier package however, you have to prepare one set of all required documents (decision letter, appeal letter and application documents) per person.


I hope I had all points covered. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me 🙂