Anthro on Foot Lives Through the Pandemic

Wishing that you’re safe and well as you read this post.

The arrival of this pandemic is the reason why I put this blog on private for a while. I didn’t feel it was right to show snippets of my travels while the world was and still is gripping at its feet.

I’m not a front liner, and I didn’t lose my job. In many ways, I am very privileged. And while I’m very thankful, I also feel very uneasy about it, just seeing and hearing about what’s happening outside my door.

Unlike my other posts, I can’t share resources on how to live through this pandemic because coming from this ‘privileged’ vantage point would mean I may sound indifferent and callous.

What I will share instead are job search portals that may help you or a friend you know.

Job search portals: Google Jobs, Jobstreet, LinkedIn, Onlinejobs.ph

And if you need assistance on building or revising your resume (you need not send your details if you’re uncomfortable in doing that. I can also just send a template), or if you’re into research and you’d like me to refer you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ❤