Anthro on Foot Enters Parenthood


Sharing with you resources that helped me with parenthood planning + inspiration:

Books: Lawrence Shapiro’s How to Raise a Child with a High EQ: Parents’ Guide to Emotional Intelligence, Rachel Carson’s The Sense of Wonder, Rahima Dancy’s You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering and Inspire Your Child Inspire the World, Sharifa Oppenheimer’s Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children, William Sears’ The Attachment Parenting Book. For reviews, visit Goodreads and Scribd*. But, of course, the best courses I took were the ones from my mom 😊

Class: Pinay Doulas Collective’s birthing and child-rearing classes

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P.S. My keys to sustainable parenthood: acknowledge that something’s got to give (having it all is an illusion) | do what works for you and your family | take care of yourself above all | when faced with difficult decisions, ask yourself why ❤